Researched Supplements is an online resource that provides extensive, research-backed health and fitness information. The site also contains an ever-expanding database of supplement reviews.

The site is owned by AGJ Media and much of the content is provided by company CEO Tony Jay, who has put together a team of expert content providers and researchers. The Researched Supplements team includes journalists and fitness and nutrition experts from all over the world.

Each member has a strong background in their chosen areas of expertise. All of them share Tony’s desire to demystify sports nutrition and weight loss and help people to move towards a healthier way of life.

Although all the articles and reviews on Researched Supplements are written by expert authors, they are still subjected to extensive fact-checking. They are also regularly reviewed to make sure all the information remains correct and up to date.

Visitors to the Researched Supplements website can expect to find the best information taken from verifiable sources. The site dispels the myths and hearsay about exercise and nutrition and concentrates on the facts. There is no room for BS at RS.

About Tony Jay

Tony-Jay-1Tony has been involved in the nutrition and diet industry since 2007. An avid Power Yoga enthusiast, Tony is CPD certified in Diet and Nutrition and believes correct nutrition is paramount to good health. LinkedIn

He founded AGJ Media in 2011.

Then as now, Tony was fuelled by a desire to provide the best content written by people with hands-on experience and passion.

About the Researched Supplements Team

Ross T (CPD Certified in Sports Nutrition, BEng)

RosstWhen it comes to “hands-on” weight lifting experience, Ross has all the right credentials. He’s been curling and pressing for muscle growth for most of his life. LinkedIn

Powerlifting and bodybuilding are only half the story. Ross is also an accomplished martial artist and Ironman triathlon athlete. He knows how to get fit, stay fit, and help other people do the same.

Like a lot of athletes, Ross has experimented with numerous training techniques and supplements through the years. During his rookie days, he sometimes got it wrong and he admits it. Ross has learned from his mistakes. By sharing his knowledge, he hopes to help other people to get it right from day one.

Through the years, Ross has authored an incredible number of articles on resistance training, weight loss, metabolic conditioning, supplement science, and diet and nutrition. You can read some of the more recent ones on the Researched Supplements website.

Steve Calvert (CPD Certified in Nutrition for Weight Loss)

Steve-Calvert-1Steve is an experienced writer and researcher who has always been interested in health and fitness. Inspired by the movie, Pumping Iron, by the age of 20, he was already a regular at the gym. He later began studying martial arts and fought in a number of prestigious tournaments. These days, Steve keeps in shape via a combination of running and dynamic tension exercises. LinkedIn

He is CPD Certified in Nutrition for Weight Loss and the author of numerous health and wellness articles and thousands of product reviews.

Steve takes a serious approach to his work and spends a lot of time fact-checking. Especially when it comes to product reviews. He validates everything by via authority websites and links to the necessary data.

Eloise Bel (Journalist, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and Specialist in Weight Loss)

Eloise-Bel-RSAfter she earned her BA in Journalism, Eloise continued to pursue her lifelong interest in health and fitness and went on to become a certified holistic nutritionist. LinkedIn

Given her media background and impressive knowledge of the human condition, it’s not surprising that Eloise chooses to devote a portion of her time to writing articles for Researched Supplements.

Due to the rising levels of obesity, all over the world, Eloise has also chosen to specialize in weight loss. This is a natural progression rather than a departure from her earlier training.

Holistic nutrition evaluates many different aspects of an individual’s life. Lifestyle and dietary habits are two of the factors that have to be considered.

After an initial evaluation, holistic nutritionists guide their clients into healthier lifestyles. This often involves educating them on how to choose nutrient-rich food and select the correct natural supplements to support their progress.

Eloise is extremely knowledgeable about supplement ingredients. She has written numerous product reviews and always pays close attention to the ingredients in use and the quantities involved.

The Mission

Researched Supplements is the first port of call for people who want to get fit, stay fit, and enjoy good health.

Good or bad health is often the result of the lifestyle choices we make. Diet and exercise are important. It’s amazing how much difference a few simple changes can make.

There are also products that can help. Many people are drawn to such products. A good diet pill can smooth the weight loss process by taking away hunger and providing other valuable support. A good pre-workout can help you to train harder and see better results. There are also supplements that support superior muscle growth.

The problem is, not all supplements are good. Many do not work. Others cause side effects. Sadly some of the worst supplements have the best marketing spiel. This makes it hard for the average person to see the wood from the trees. There is a very real need for unbiased expert advice. Researched Supplements exists to provide such advice.

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